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  1. At the risk of overdoing it after the Cold Blood post, if anyone is as big a fan of Lydia Pense as am I, here is some added material…..




    All that is needed is a really powerful lady singer and some horns…..Real show stopping potential. Not unlike Janis Joplin in some respects, but still touring (at least as of 2 years ago when they were in Portland).

  2. As always, the classes at Mt. Hood as well as Clark have been very fun and educational. Sometimes, my soloing makes me think “What the heck was that?”and sometimes I am left with the thought that things didn’t sound all that bad. Still being a novice at improv, I guess that is to be expected. I am making progress-just hope I don’t run out of time or hair first.
    I am most excited by the Kevin’s recent announcement of expanding the learning opportunities, the most important aspect to me, to a possible online experience. I have some limited experience at home recording andI could share with other participants in the class who may wish to also join that forum, but are hesitant because of inexperience in recording or lack of equipment. I believe that the more you know about how music works, the greater is your enjoyment in learning the actual music to play. Many of us in class are of the senior variety, but what a great way to tickle the gray matter between the ears, even if we are slow learners anymore. I would encourage my classmates and any others so inclined to join in on this venture when it is presented.

    • I am also excited at the prospect of online learning as proposed by Kevin & Wayne.My music theory is pretty weak,and this would be a great complement to the jam session classes.

      • I’m working on online prospects to not only compliment players needs but also with built in software online so even a novice can record.

    • Hey I am listening Greg. If players are getting into practicing and trying to learn theory, they don’t another step like technology to hold them back, but to be a resource.
      I’m working on it. Remember, enjoy the ride.

  3. Interesting idea breaking up into side groups to play a song. I didn’t do so well but I liked the test. Maybe it’s time for the concept of “assignments” between sessions as this group appears to be a bit more prepared for the challenge. I’d like to ask how If The Midnight Hour ever got aired back in June with the MH group and how it went? Loved your harp, by the way.

  4. Greg, Roger and I got together with a drummer (Bob) I played with way back in the 60s. We are going to see if we can accomplish anything productive together later today (Dec 29) at the Brickhouse.
    Bob is itching to play, so it would be great if he can get away from his job to join us at one of the classes.

  5. What’s on deck for Wednesday:
    Theresa submitted – Bonnie Raitt “Love Me Like a Man”
    in E. I’ll post links and chords now.

    Chime in if you would feel the class would bennefit from a tune, make sure you email me. I forget sometimes when people mention it in class.

    Also: Robert Cray – “Playin’ in the Dirt”
    And a review for some the challenging song:
    “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” (under jam Resources Page)
    Performed by Donny Hathaway also Marc Broussard

    • Great song…..Used to play that one live…….As well as her “Mighty Tight Woman” (which has an interesting little tweak in the chords).

      I guess I missed that there was a new class underway in Gresham. Ah well…..I am looking forward to the next time around at Clark.

  6. Kevin & Wayne & Wayne & Kevin, I apologize but, I won’t be attending your class for at least one-month. I have decided to try and input more chord progressions and the learning of how to solo over those progressions into my musical diet. Robbie Laws is presently teaching a class on the following subjects: Chord Voicing, Chord Progressions, Soloing, Scale & Chord Relationships, Shape Playing, Rhythm Playing, Chord Comping, Ensemble Playing, Part Playing and Band Etiquette. It’s not a class I can turn down right now because THiS is exactly what I want to learn. So, I’ll see you sometime by dropping into class – or, let Steve or Mike know where we would be jamming. Love your stuff but I gots ta learn deez progressions else it will drive me NuTz! Until next time…Good Night Mrs Magillacutty . . . Gary

    • Wow Gary, that’s a lot to learn. make sure it’s small steps at a time. 1% of the people use 80% of the practice rooms.
      Go for it brother.

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