47 thoughts on “Jam Session – Mt. Hood CC

  1. We’re also going to do Messin’ with the kid,
    Jr. Wells version in C. Weren’t we just talking about blues scales? That lick is just a walk down the scale – C Bb G F# F Eb C Bb C
    Everyone, even the bass plays it. I’ll write a few horn licks but really they’re only part of the chord progression.

  2. Take a look at “I’ve got a new love” by Tony Z on the resources page. Fantastic groove in Bb minor. Bass should start with a good groove on playing just VII I on all the chords before you get to busy.

  3. Would love to be able to show the Wednesday night Mt. Hood group a song or two that I wrote this coming week. Let me know if that’s possible. Also, would love to get a hold of one of the drummers in our Wednesday night group to sit in with my band tomorrow (Sunday) night. If you can help me with that, let me know. Thanks.

  4. Help the Poor is a classic but not the traditional I IV V. It even has a bridge. Our version includes a flat VI instead of the V.

  5. Gig for all of our Alumni of Clark and Mt. Hood – Open Jam format – June 2nd at the Three Monkeys in Vancouver. Starts at 3:00. You can set up at 2:00 if needed. Low key, fun and bring all of your relatives. We will pair you up with someone that works for you, Wayne and I will fill in as needed.

  6. “Give Me One Reason” can be in F3 like the Tracy Chapman key or in D for different voices.
    So, F# (I) B (IV) and C# (V) is transposed to D as D (I) , G (IV) , A (V).
    We are having a class gig coming up in a few weeks. All Clark and Mt. Hood students are highly encouraged to come, play and have fun.
    Set list will be everything on Mt. Hood Jam list plus a few more. Stay tuned, finalizing time and place. This is good for everyone to play live.
    Ain’t Nobody’s Business is another one of those classic tunes that are not the ordinary I, IV, V form like Stormy Monday Allman Brothers version.

  7. Dang! I am missing a good thing by NOT being at Mt Hood. That is cool that you have an alternative version of Stormy Monday. Eva Cassidy was a great talent and left us way too soon.
    But I AM enrolled for the next session in May.

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