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  1. Welcome back “repeat offenders” and new students to the class. Still wrestling with my spam attack on the site, but I’ll update posts and other goodies on a regular basis.

    Just have to empty my spam folder everyday. 288 just today.
    Please feel free to post comments to the class or myself, the feed back helps more people than you realize.

    Hey, lets keep I’ve got a new love by Tony Z for next week. The recording is in Bb minor (Bb, Eb, F minor chords) although we could do it in A minor (Am Dm Em).

    Another tune on the ajenda for next week is Bill Withers Use Me. It was #2 on the charts I believe back in 1972.
    I wanted to throw in a different style from the usual blues shuffle to keep everyone on their toes.
    The recordings are in E, only two chords.
    Here is a live version link:
    and from the album Still Bill

    I’ll post links permanently on my Jam Resources page.
    Gotta gig, gotta run now.
    Get Funky!

  2. Everyone did great at the Gig Sunday! We have two more classes, so we’ll review some playing out strategies as well as new songs. See you in class.

  3. Four tunes for this week:
    Don’t Touch me baby
    Help the Poor
    Help Me
    Phone Booth

    That will give us a nice list to choose from for the “Final” at the Brickhouse.

    Jam Session Set List for Brickhouse :

    3 o’clock
    Aint no sunshine
    Ain’t nobody’s Business
    Before you accuse me
    Blues is my business – Shelley or Mellissa
    Don’t touch me baby * practice this week
    Everyday I’ve got the blues – Shelley
    Further on up the Road
    Give my one reason – Mellissa
    Help the poor* practice this week
    Help me* practice this week
    I’ll play the blues for you
    Tore down – singer?
    Little red rooster
    Phone booth * practice this week
    Shaky Ground
    Sky is crying Shelley or Mellissa
    Sweet come Chicago- singer?
    Wang Dang Shelley
    Why are people like that
    Woman across the river

  4. The class really came up to the task last night. “I’ve got a new Love” is not an easy feel.
    “I love you more than you’ll ever know” will be tackled or should I say caressed next week. Hey Shelley, I’d like to try this with you singing and also maybe just you playing piano chords for students to hear the changes. Wayne has a Gig next week.

  5. I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
    This is a classic Donny Hathaway tune also done well by Mark Broussard. Although interesting chord changes, the slow tempo makes this very difficult for any group to get right. Everyone should be internally sub-dividing their counting by 6. Check out the references on the Jam Resource page. We’ll introduce it tonight along with Tony Z’s “I’ve Got a New Love”.

  6. Ok Ok I should have put them in one blog. AnyHoo, there was some discussion in class about how can you play the same blues scale over all the chords in a basic blues. Tony Z has a great explanation on his video for a local school (he lives in Florida now). Even if you’re not a keys player listen to his explanation and his sound he gets using a C blues scale over C, F and G chords.
    Tony Z piano lesson on blues scale

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