Jam Session – Clark College


What’s up next?

Take a look at Gravity (on tunes page)

Stormy Monday Allman Brothers version with the quick verse in the middle (double time)

One way out – Check out the Elmore James and Allman Brothers versions on the tunes page

Shotgun – Jr. Walker and the All Stars

Also look at Mannish Boy to review one chord solo’s

Jam Session now at Clark College in Vancouver, WA  Next session starts 1/28/2016

Mt. Community College in session now.

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Directions to Clark College music building. It is in the band room of the Beacocks Music building off of Fort Vancouver Way. You can take Mill Plain or Fourth Plain exits and turn on Fort Vancouver Way. About 2 minutes from the interstate. Here is a Clark College campus map link, the building is number 27 on the map which is Beacocks Music Building. Band Room. I’ll be there early. The building faces Fort Vancouver Way, on the east side of the street. 6:00 Thursdays

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This course is set up for aspiring musicians beginning or intermediate ability level that want an outlet to raise their comfort level with performing in public (suggested instruments: Guitar, Bass, Key’s, Vocal, Drums, Harmonica, horns).


The course will focus on Blues and light Rock styles . The performer should have a working knowledge of simple blues forms or progressions. A cooperative learning environment is encouraged to share one’s own experience and expertise. Everyone has something to offer.

By the end of the course each student will have the ability to do improvisation over simple blues and rock chord changes while developing more confidence in performing ability and a forum to network similar musicians.
Too, each student will have more of a relaxed and confident presentation for performing in public. Students will also have set up a network with other musicians for future performances.

Click here for Jam Resources page

80 thoughts on “Jam Session – Clark College

  1. I’ve been listening to several versions of How Come People Act Like That and they all seem to play over the I-V, bit the sheet version in the resources is I-IV. I played this in the jam Saturday as I-IV (as was listed on the sheet music provided), but was not familiar beforehand with this song. Is the chord choice optional, IV vrs V depending upon how you want to play it?

  2. Bunches of tunes posted on resources page. I’ll try and get to BG tracks also.

  3. I have a copy of this in Dm, with bar 11 as Gm and bar 12 as Bb13. Are you suggesting Bb7 for 12?


    • Sorry for late respond. My notify button didn’t work. Both would work if you place the 13 higher and not bury it in the middle of the chord.

  4. Next up, “Help the Poor”. BB and Clapton – This is gets a little away from traditional blues versions. Check on Jam Resource pages for PDF’s and links. Our version includes a flat VI chord instead of the V.

  5. New class starts May 16, 6:00 to 8:00. We are also having our first Alumni Jam Session for all new and previous students. Should finalize date, place and possible set list in a couple of days.

  6. We are having a class gig coming up in a few weeks. All Clark and Mt. Hood students are highly encouraged to come, play and have fun.
    Set list will be everything on Mt. Hood Jam list plus a few more. Stay tuned, finalizing time and place. This is good for everyone to play live.

  7. Kevin, The email address that you’ve given me keeps bouncing back. I think I am misinterpreting your handwriting for the middle initials. Here is what I “think” I have for the middle: . . .n.D.I.a . . . would you correct for me here with just those middle initials . . . Thanks, Gary

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