Jam Session – Clark College


What’s up next?

Take a look at Gravity (on tunes page)

Stormy Monday Allman Brothers version with the quick verse in the middle (double time)

One way out – Check out the Elmore James and Allman Brothers versions on the tunes page

Shotgun – Jr. Walker and the All Stars

Also look at Mannish Boy to review one chord solo’s

Jam Session now at Clark College in Vancouver, WA  Next session starts 1/28/2016

Mt. Community College in session now.

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Directions to Clark College music building. It is in the band room of the Beacocks Music building off of Fort Vancouver Way. You can take Mill Plain or Fourth Plain exits and turn on Fort Vancouver Way. About 2 minutes from the interstate. Here is a Clark College campus map link, the building is number 27 on the map which is Beacocks Music Building. Band Room. I’ll be there early. The building faces Fort Vancouver Way, on the east side of the street. 6:00 Thursdays

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This course is set up for aspiring musicians beginning or intermediate ability level that want an outlet to raise their comfort level with performing in public (suggested instruments: Guitar, Bass, Key’s, Vocal, Drums, Harmonica, horns).


The course will focus on Blues and light Rock styles . The performer should have a working knowledge of simple blues forms or progressions. A cooperative learning environment is encouraged to share one’s own experience and expertise. Everyone has something to offer.

By the end of the course each student will have the ability to do improvisation over simple blues and rock chord changes while developing more confidence in performing ability and a forum to network similar musicians.
Too, each student will have more of a relaxed and confident presentation for performing in public. Students will also have set up a network with other musicians for future performances.

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80 thoughts on “Jam Session – Clark College

  1. Everyone did great at the Gig Sunday! We have two more classes, so we’ll review some playing out strategies as well as new songs. See you in class.

    • Sounds like fun. I got some feedback from the gig from a friend (good jazz guitarist and my occasional music teacher).

      As much as I have conditioned myself over the years to thinking I cannot carry a tune vocally, if we get into something like “Night Life”, perhaps I can test out my own voice…..POSSIBLY “Phone Booth” or “Guilty”…..Are we gonna try “Messin’ With The Kid?”

    • I really enjoyed the class at Clark . Here is a blues tune I think you will like; Pat Benatar / Evening – YouTube
      Off the True Love album. An old T-Bone Walker song.

      • Hey Larry thanks for the links.
        Once again I want to compliment you on your diligence and openness for suggestions as well as being a respected player. Hope to see you in another class or at least out there playing live. Bass players who can not only play the right feeling but also be intuitive on your surroundings are rare.

  2. Four tunes for this week:
    Don’t Touch me baby
    Help the Poor
    Help Me
    Phone Booth

    That will give us a nice list to choose from for the “Final” at the Brickhouse.

    Jam Session Set List for Brickhouse :

    3 o’clock
    Aint no sunshine
    Ain’t nobody’s Business
    Before you accuse me
    Blues is my business – Shelley or Mellissa
    Don’t touch me baby * practice this week
    Everyday I’ve got the blues – Shelley
    Further on up the Road
    Give my one reason – Mellissa
    Help the poor* practice this week
    Help me* practice this week
    I’ll play the blues for you
    Tore down – singer?
    Little red rooster
    Phone booth * practice this week
    Shaky Ground
    Sky is crying Shelley or Mellissa
    Sweet come Chicago- singer?
    Wang Dang Shelley
    Why are people like that
    Woman across the river

  3. Great start last night. Everyone take a look at “Blues is my Business” Etta James version but we’re going to do it in G, that way we only have to add one chord from last night (D7).
    Also “Give me one Reason” in C also. I’ll post chord changes for the tunes and new backing track for Give me one Reason in G. Look at the Jam Resource page.

    • Hi Kevin,

      When you said to play “Blues is my Business” in G, do you mean G minor? Because I noticed that the handout was originally in Cm (C minor). Just want to make sure so that I practice it correctly. Thanks, Rachel

  4. Starts tonight at 6:00! I can’t wait to see who walks in the door, it’s always a pleasue.

  5. Another great 6 weeks , Kevin and Wayne. Thanks for the loner guitar Wayne-I’m such a nitwit! I like the progress in complexity the course is presenting over the last couple sessions I’ve attended, allowing all to extend out of the I-IV-V traditional blues patterns. Needless to say, I’m hooked as long as you both are willing and available to teach us. Thanks again for the fun times.

  6. This week we are going to look at different blues forms and emphasize thinking structure to easily transpose.
    Also… Little Red Rooster, I’ll Play the blues for you, The Sky is crying, and some improv blues changes in different keys.

  7. Sorry, we must have played it I-V at the jam. The sheet music on the resource site confused me. Doesn’t take much to confuse me anymore.

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