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Practice info – Theory – Practice Tracks Below

Gravity Sax line
Blues scales for alto sax
Here is a PDF of a Sax blues in A concert. It has a melody line the first chorus and a variation on the motif for the second chorus (in the player below, you can also download it from the player). The other two are empty for you to try your own version. Solo’s do not have to be busy, just notes that are well placed. Sax Blues solo in A concert


Blues Scales Guitar – Notation and TAB PDF
12 bar blues
Common Chord types – PDF file
Pentatonic and Blues Scales-PDF
Solo Formula-PDF
Notes, Notes, Notes_PDF
Bass shuffle lines 1&2
Nashville numbering system
Jam Lingo from other players
Bass Shuffle lines 1&2
Blues Forms

C Blues scale Exercise PDF

F Blues Scale Guitar PDF

G Blues Scale Guitar PDF


A minor Blues Scale Exercise 5th fret  PDF

Here is a wonderful rendition of Gary Moore and BB King doing Thrill is Gone. What makes this a useful learning tool, is the way they handle trading solos, not to outdo each other but to compliment one another. Also listen how well each one has developed their ear for pitches. Thrill is Gone – youtube

Developing a Motif PDF

I have a Simple  Motif solo on the bass to give you an idea of how to put ideas together.

      1. Simple Motif solo - kf

I also have a simple motif developing into a more complex Bass solo using some of the varied ideas listed in the PDF. Although this idea is not Major Pentatonic, it gives you an idea on developing your idea.

      2. Simple Motif Solo - kf

Below I have put some Call and Response exercises to get you started. Hey, have fun with it.